LoVe LoVe

What is love? Can we give an exact and accurate definition of a feeling so... fickle? Perhaps can we compare this to Disney movies or the lyrics of a balad? Is this? With all the amount of kinds of love which are, we could write a will, but I only refer to one of them, the one which is so complicated to explain, and the one of which poets have written long works. I've also written poems which talk about love, and none of them has get its goal. Can love be felt between a pen and a paper? Love is... to feel. My song of today, after three months of absence, talks, or this is what I believe, about the lack of love. I don't know if this is possible, with all the kinds of love, some must be felt. If this is not love, hate at least, another feeling which must be granted just to the ones who deserve it. We have to choose carefuly to our victims, as one writer said: love gives the others the power to destroy you, but not because of this we have the love to let go.

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